About Shellethics

Shellethics is an individual who decided to redirect her life to a more conscientious path. This path involves animal rights and veganism which came after the realisation that humans dominate, exploit and use animals for our own selfish benefit.

Furthermore, while most people genuinely don’t want animals to suffer, they are indoctrinated into the belief system of carnism that teaches us it is “natural, normal and necessary” to eat and use animals in order to live nutritionally healthy lives, and that industries such as vivisection are unavoidable. Veganism is living proof that this dominate belief system, while it perpetuates through generations, is unnecessary and that humans can learn to co-exist respectfully with animals while reducing their impact on others.

Shellethic’s goal is to provide a strong, ethical example that one can change various aspects of their lives to reduce the harm inflicted on sentient animals and our shared environment. No one is perfect in an imperfect world, but we can damn well work our hardest to avoid participating in oppressive industries, which make profit from exploiting and using animals, while also being one of the leading contributors to climate change.


Feel free to contact Shellethics if you’d like any information, some guidance, or if you’d like to talk about kitties.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to this blog is welcome to email their submissions and contact information.

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