Voiceless: Rethinking Dairy Cows

Dairy Cows. The Australian Dairy Industry: The Life of the Dairy Cow.


Voiceless: Rethinking Dairy Cows

In follow up to the release of the report “The Life of the Dairy Cow“, Voiceless held a seminar “Rethinking Dairy Cows” in Melbourne on Thursday 5th March 2015.

Chaired by Voiceless Head of Communications Elise Burgess, the seminar brought together a panel of experts to discuss the ethical issues associated with high volume dairy production.

  • Philip Wollen OAM | Philanthropist and Animal Activist
  • Mo Wyse | Co-founder of Smith & Daughters
  • Vicki Jones | Organic dairy farmer
  • Dr Deidre Wicks | Academic and Author


In human history, only 100 billion human beings have ever lived, 7 billion people are alive today, and we torture and kill 2 billion sentient living loving animals every week, we stab and suffocate 1 billion ocean animals every 3 hours. 10,000 entire species are wiped out every year because of the actions of one species. And we now face the Sixth Mass Extinction in cosmological history. If any other organism did this, a biologist would call it a bloody virus.
So let’s all come together, let’s not pick on specific industries–how can we work together to create a new environment, a new economic order, that gives us health, wealth, strength, and preserves our own sense of kindness, compassion, intelligence, affection. These things are important values. Then we can start talking about sustainability, because then we would have deserved to become sustainable. Until then, we don’t actually deserve it.
– Philip Wollen.

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