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Activists-Concern-Linked to-Logic-Not-Emotions

Activists Concern Linked to Logic, Not Emotions

  Activists Concern Linked to Logic, Not Emotions A new study published in the The Journal of Neuroscience finds that activists and people with a high “justice sensitivity” are actually using logic, not emotions. This common misconception was debunked by having subjects…

The Start of the Puppy Farm Industry Collapse

The Start of the Puppy Farm Industry Collapse

  Puppy and kitten farms have been banned in the ACT. New breeding legalisation in Victoria will see puppy farms become financially unviable and pet shops will become adoption centres instead of only selling points. Laws in NSW could be changed…

Holding Factory Farms To Account With Drones

Holding Factory Farms To Account With Drones

If you’ve heard of the Ag-Gag laws, then you’ve likely heard of Will Potter. Will Potter is an award-winning journalist, author, and TED Fellow based in Washington, D.C. who focuses on the animal rights and environmental movements, and civil liberties…


Lucent Documentary – Lighting Up The Dark

  Aussie Farms are a relatively new activist group within Australia who have been making a gigantic impact with their undercover cruelty and abuse investigations. They are the group that every farmer in Australia fears to be exposed by to…

Orangutans Palm Oil

The Last Stand Of The Orangutans

Humans tend to think they can’t communicate with animals because they don’t understand us verbally. Maybe we’re the ones speaking the wrong language. Meet Strawberry the Orangutan. Submit your own InYourPalm photo now and help the last stand of the Orangutans….

Fight Ag-Gag

It’s Time To Fight Ag-Gag In Australia Now!

  Take A Stand Against Ag-Gag Now! Don’t Let Them Be Voiceless! Peter Walsh is planning to introduce ag-gag legislation before the Victoria state election. It has begun. It is time to begin the fight against ag-gag in Australia. Join the Facebook Event which…

TED Talks Will Potter

TED Talk Will Potter

The Shocking Move To Criminalise Non-Violent Protest The TED Talk Will Potter Transcript: It was less than a year after September 11, and I was at the Chicago Tribune writing about shootings and murders, and it was leaving me feeling pretty dark and…

Maxine The Cow - The Great Escape

Maxine The Cow – The Great Escape

This video is gorgeous and reminds many of the happy cows who danced their way into people’s hearts. Maxine the cow also managed to capture hearts, influence people’s choices, and was able to change her human-decided fate – she escaped slaughter!…