The Rise of Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

  Antibiotic resistant superbugs are a serious health threat with what will likely have catastrophic consequences as we begin to enter a post-antibiotic era. Resistance is not just to one class of drugs, like penicillin, but to multiple classes of drugs—multi-drug resistance….


Voiceless: Rethinking Dairy Cows

  Voiceless: Rethinking Dairy Cows In follow up to the release of the report “The Life of the Dairy Cow“, Voiceless held a seminar “Rethinking Dairy Cows” in Melbourne on Thursday 5th March 2015. Chaired by Voiceless Head of Communications…

How To Identify Cancer Symptoms In Companion Animals

How To Identify Cancer Symptoms In Companion Animals

  One Green Planet have put together this informative and valuable guide to identifying cancer symptoms in our companion animals.     How to Identify Cancer Symptoms in Companion Animals Cancer is the number one disease-related cause of death in…


The Australian Dairy Industry: The Life of the Dairy Cow

    Voiceless‘ latest in-depth report, The Life of the Dairy Cow, offers valuable insights into the emotional stress and physical strain experienced by the modern Australian dairy cow. Watch the follow-up discussion panel video “Rethinking Dairy Cows“. Through rigorous analysis…


No Kill Shelter Approach to Companion Animals Required

Outsourcing Needs to Change Currently, Australian councils outsource their animal sheltering responsibilities to charity pounds. None of which have a no-kill policy. These charity pounds are the RSPCA, Lost Dogs Home, and the Cat Protection Society. By collecting multiple tenders, these charities create…

Animals Feel Love

Research Shows Animals Release The Love Hormone!

New research shows what so many animal lovers have known for a very, very long time–dogs are capable of love. Scientists at the Claremont Graduate University in California found that animals release oxytocin in intimate situations, The Atlantic reported. Known as the ‘love…

Animal CPR

Saving Your Companion Animal With CPR

Saving Your Companion Animal With CPR More and more people are increasing their education and understanding on how to assist in saving the life of a beloved companion animal during an emergency. Please remember that during an emergency, always make…

Enclosure Net

Cat Enclosures

  Cat Enclosures Cat enclosures are becoming wildly popular as people recognise how unsafe cats are roaming around the streets. Cat enclosures can be attached to the side of your house with a cat flap installed into a window, or…

Happy Cow

Happy Cows!

These cows were saved from being sent to the slaughterhouse after a dairy farmer couldn’t carry on his business anymore due to financial reasons. People from the local neighbourhood saved these cows as they could not bare to see them…