Companion Animals

Companion Animals

Those animals considered ‘companion animals’ in our society play a very important role in our lives. We love, care and respect them and acknowledge that they have interests, emotions and needs, as we do other human family members. There’s a mutually beneficial emotional life-long relationship that develops.

What is heart breaking about our world is that the majority of people are taught to love animals such as dogs and cats, but then taught to disregard and eat other animals like cows and chickens. Our compassion often begins with dogs and cats, and we have a duty to expand that compassion to all animals.


Reduce Your Cat’s Stress and Anxiety

Help your cat not feel stressed and anxious during an environment change by using a Feliway Diffuser containing the synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone.


Identifying Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is the number one disease-related cause of death in our companion animals. As it is with people, early detection is key–the earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to be treated.


Cat Enclosures

Cat enclosures are becoming wildly popular as people recognise how unsafe cats are roaming around. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and knowing your beloved kitties have freedom but are safe. Find out just how simple it is!


Companion Animal CPR

More and more people are increasing their education and understanding on how to assist in saving the life of a beloved companion animal during an emergency. See how you can potentially help save a life.


The Pound System

Australian councils outsource all of their animal sheltering responsibilities to the big charity pounds—RSPCA, Lost Dogs Home, the Cat Protection Society—all of whom have high kill rates. Learn more about this and what one local Victorian council is doing to change the approach.

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