Dairy milk is the bodily secretion of a lactating mother cow. Humans have no nutritional requirement for animal milk and is an evolutionarily recent addition to our diet. Adequate dietary calcium for bone health, often cited as the primary rationale for high intakes of milk, can be obtained from many other sources.

Dairy milk has been found to contain trans-fats, saturated fats, cholesterol and mercury. Dairy milk consumption is known to increase serum concentrations of insulin-like growth factor 1, an anabolic hormone linked to prostate and other cancers. The industrialised dairy milk supply also results in high levels of female reproductive hormones being consumed by humans. Various studies show that dairy milk is the number one cause of osteoporosis, that high milk intake is associated with higher mortality, and higher fracture incidence in women.

The increasing consumer demand for cheap cow’s milk has forced most dairy farmers to maximise the productive output of their cows. Dairy cows are genetically manipulated by selective breeding and are reared to significantly increase their normal annual lactation. This pushes them beyond their natural limits. These cows suffer short lives of emotional stress and physical strain to ensure their milk yield remains consistently high. Meanwhile, because cows in animal agriculture are artificially inseminated to become pregnant, farmers take away their new born young so that humans can productise and bottle the milk which the calf should be consuming.

In Australia alone, 800,000 unwanted dairy calves are born and either killed on-farm or sent for commercial slaughter within just five days of being born.


Dairy Cheese is Good for Your Heart, Apparently

Everyone is being told to shove their faces full of brie because dairy cheese is good for your heart according to a recent study by a group of Danish scientists. However, this tiny, short term study is not quite what it seems.


The Dairy Industry Agrees That Butter is Unhealthy

A rare occurrence where the dairy industry funded a new study about butter, and they actually told the truth and published that butter is bad for you.

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