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Across Australia this Sunday, the 16th March 2014, one little rescued battery hen will join forces with some of Australia’s most loved comics — to make battery cages history!

That Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady

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Amazing Facts About Chickens

FACT 1: Just like us, or the family dog or cat, hens are individuals with unique personalities! A hen might be outgoing and sociable, or shy and reserved, depending on her character.

FACT 2: Hens can recognise the faces of at least 100 other chickens, helping them to navigate their complex social hierarchy.

FACT 3: Naturally curious and intelligent animals, hens love to explore and investigate the world around them through their keen senses. They even see colour better than humans!

FACT 4: Hens have the ability to understand that an object, when taken away and hidden, continues to exist. This is a cognitive capacity beyond that of small children.

FACT 5: It may all sound like “cluck cluck cluck” to us, but hens use at least 24 different calls and they all vary depending on what information they are communicating.

FACT 6: If there is a threat approaching, a hen can vary her call depending on whether the predator is travelling by land or over water.

FACT 7: A hen will cluck softly to her unborn chicks, to start teaching them how to communicate before they even hatch. And her chicks chirp back from inside their shells!

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